Hello Wednesday…

Good morning girls!
I got home late yesterday afternoon to my children’s arms…
open and ready to take me back.
From the looks of everything..it seems like life around here
was ok without me for a week.
Homework was done….meals eaten….maybe not everyone was bathed regularly..
but everyone survived and that really made me feel
wonderful when walking in the door.
I wanted to just get a couple of photos edited for you while i sit today
and go thru the 800 plus ones left.
Paris is everything i had imagined and even more.
The food was out of this world…
i made sure to try all kinds of new things.
let me get working on the rest of my photos….
it’s going to be fun going over this trip with you.


  1. Welcome back Kasey!!! Can't wait to see your photos….Tell us EVERYTHING!!!! Hugs xxx

  2. Morning T says:

    Welcome home lady…I missed you!

  3. Nancy's Notes says:

    Oh I loved Paris and I can't wait to see your photographs! Welcome back! I'll be back!


  4. Welcome home Kasey ~ Looking forward to photos & stories from your amazing trip ♥

  5. Rebecca @ Belle Blog says:

    sounds like you had a wonderful trip, but glad you are home now!
    ♥ Rebecca

  6. so excited for you my friend. so glad your dream finally came true

    we'll chat soon
    enjoy your photo edits…i love that!

  7. Well hello back…can't wait to hear all about it! The taster photo is a good appetite 'whetter'…is that a word?! LB x

  8. wait a second
    editing photos?

    you don't need to dust
    or bathe the dog
    or go to the grocery store?
    or better yet…the gym?

  9. Beautiful ,just beautiful.

  10. Welcome home…Paris is probably my very favorite city…can't wait to see it through your eyes! ox

  11. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    I cant wait…I have missed you!

  12. Valley Girl says:

    Let me put some coffee on…..

    Welcome home beautiful one!!

  13. oh…i can't wait!! so glad you made it back safely, and had a wonderful time!!

  14. FEDERICA says:

    Welcome home Kasey! I can't wait to see more!!

  15. Privet and Holly says:

    Beautiful taste of what's to come, I'm sure! Looking forward to another visit and arm-chair travels through lovely Paris with you!

  16. Mrs. Adventure says:

    Welcome back. I can't wait to see your photos… I need a week in France.

  17. Liz Bradley says:

    I have been checking your blog the last few days to see it you had returned and started posting again. Imagine my excitement to see a new post! Can not wait to hear all the tales, see all the picts, and experience it through your eyes and words!

  18. Oh how excited I am to hear all about your trip and see your beautiful photos…oh the ones already…so happy for you my dear:)

  19. Jennifer says:

    Take me away….I'm so ready for a vacay! Jennifer

  20. mandiegirl says:

    Welcome back friend! LOVELY photos! Can't wait to see (and hear!) more!

  21. Welcome Back! So looking forward to your photos! xxoo 🙂

  22. Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria says:

    Welcome back! What a sweet way to come home…I am sure your family missed you bunches! I can't wait to see all that you are going to share…it will be fabulous!


  23. Katy Noelle says:

    I've been thinking about you here and there this week. You sound like you had a great time. Welcome back! THIS photo is beautiful – I just can't wait to see more!!!

    Love, Katy

  24. Welcome home 🙂
    I have LOVED all of your tweets 🙂

  25. WElcome home!!!! Can hardly wait for all your wonderful pics.

  26. BabinBlogger says:

    canNOT wait to see all your gorgeous photos!

  27. Wendy @ The Shabby Nest says:

    Welcome back darlin! Waiting to hear all about your adventures!

  28. Welcome back!!! Dying to see all the gorgeous photos and hear your tales…

  29. welcome home kasey!! cant wait to see Paris thru your pictures 🙂

  30. So glad you had a good time! I wouldn't have expected anything else! Those two photos look delightful…you should totally start a greeting card company with all your lovely pics. Those are always my favorite in the card aisle…beautiful and interesting photography with a funny or sweet saying on the inside. 😉


  31. Can't wait to see the rest! Glad you had agreat trip!

  32. Glad to have you back girlie!

    Can't wait to see those piccies :O)

    B x

  33. Oh how I have missed you. Gorgeous pics…can't wait to see more!

  34. Welcome back! I can't wait to hear and see what you did and enjoyed! : )

  35. Short Southern Momma says:

    Glad you had a fun, safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo

  36. StephanieinSD says:

    I can't WAIT to see more of your pictures! This one is BE-U-TIFUL!

  37. The Flying Bee says:

    Yay! You're back! Welcome home…can't wait to see and hear all about it!


  38. Man that coffee looks good, glad you had a great trip!

  39. Welcome Home! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear about your trip! Excited to live the dream of Paris vicariously through your pictures!

  40. Preppy Mama says:

    Welcome home!! You have been missed!!

  41. Windy Ridge says:

    Welcome back!
    Can't wait to see the photos!

  42. Brenna LaPray says:

    I missed your call. It's our spring break and I'm already looking forward to Monday. I tried to call you back. I'll give you a call soon. Glad you're home safe and sound.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hi there Kasey & a HUGE welcome home 🙂 Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics. Sounds like a great trip.

    Just so you know,…next time,…I am coming with!


  44. Cheryl~ZanyMayd says:

    Welcome Home ~ Can't wait for All the Photos…..

  45. Welcome back sweets! I can't wait to hear all about it:)

  46. We can't wait to hear about your trip. So glad you are back and so glad that you had a great time!

  47. Grapefruit says:

    You went to Paris? Oh wow, I am seriously jealous. That just happens to be my favorite place on earth.

    Can't wait to see photos!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Oh I'm so excited to see your photos, I am going to Paris with my husband in two weeks and it will be the first visit for both of us. Your photos are going to set me up for our trip! 🙂

  49. I cannot wait to hear all about it and see the beautiful pictures you took! I had fun following some of your excursions on Kim's facebook and of course I have been chatting with Simone. Get sorting and post away please….

  50. littlebyrd says:

    Welocme home sweets 🙂 These two photos are amazing and I am super excited to see the rest!!!!!!

  51. Welcome back! I have missed your blog posts! Cannot wait to see the amazing photos!

  52. Welcome home! I cannot wait to see your trip in pictures! Take your time adjusting, it's always so bittersweet returning, at least for me!

  53. Beki - TheRustedChain says:

    Welcome home sweet Kasey!

    Get to crackin' on that laundry. Edit those 800 pictures. And get to blogging. We're waiting on pins and needles.


  54. Welcome back!

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