weekend warrior……

This weekend flew by.
I started it off by accepting {another} mother of the year award….
I know you are wondering how in the heck does this girl
named kasey ..receive so many awards….
it’s crazy how many of them i have now.
The reason i received one this last saturday is because
i stood outside of
for an hour and a half
helping Lola sell girl scout cookies.
Lola did a bang up job……
as we sold out of cookies.
It would be a lie if i said her mutilated face didn’t help
her sell out.
I heard a lot of….
oh you poor sweet girl…..
let me buy 8 boxes from you….
oh honey…..
i’ll take 4 boxes…..
and that shirt from Old Navy helped a bit.
After our stand up proud outside of walmart afternoon….
we headed to the ice arena.

Fin and Lola took to the ice for the first time.
I signed them both up for ice skating lessons.
Fin rocked the house.
Lola….not so much.
I think she was still recovering from her
fall from last week…
so she was very unstable on the ice.
Next week will be better.

On Sunday i decided to host a red carpet party…..
just have a few girls over….
to do what we do best…
and that’s drink wine and eat pretty food.

I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

It’s perfection and so easy to make for a simple appi.
All you need is asparagus, thinly sliced prosciutto, and a spreadable cheese.
I use the garlic and herb Rondele.
You spread a thin layer of rondele on the prosciutto….

then wrap it around your clean cut asparagus tip….

and broil for 3-5 minutes till the cheese is bubbly and the prosciutto has
a slight crisp to it.

I also had some little macarons….
{thank you trader joe’s}

I had my girls help me practice drinking French wine…
while eating french cookies.

Speaking of macorons…..
the little french delight cookies….
I am on official FRANCE countdown.
4 weeks from tomorrow i head out.
Paris…here i come.
Not that i’m counting or anything….
29 days…..8 hours….6 minutes….22 seconds….

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