Two ways to wear it….

My problem is i like clothes…..
and i really like them when they cost less then $30.
when i find a screaming deal….
i want you to benefit as well.
I just wanted to show you TWO ways …
even though there are multiple ways…
to wear this cute wrap dress that i picked up
at Target last week for $25.
Dress it up with some tights ..
{which i also scored at Target on clearance for $3}
and wear some cute knee high boots.
The boots are from Anthro last year….but i see them
on Ebay all the time.
I also feel like a great pair of knee high riding boots is like
investing in your child’s education….
it’s a great investment;-)

Or….dress them down…

and wear the dress over jeans…which are tucked into your boots.

This is where you can actually wear those skinny style jeans…

because your tush isn’t showing….it’s covered by the dress.

If you don’t have knee high boots…wear the dress over jeans…

with a ballet flat.

Now…go forth …and blow the other moms away.

*style tips provided to you today by my new sponsor: Air France*

*just kidding….it sounded good though…*

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