Turning five….

My baby boy turned five yesterday….

and as much as i hate to admit it…

my baby is really….

not a baby anymore.

Five means big things….

Kindergarten is not a big deal…..

kindergarten is only 2.5 hours…

kindergarten is the same amount of time as preschool.

Riding the bus….

riding the bus to and from Kindergarten..

only because it adds some much needed time

to that already shortened schedule.

Not wiping his butt for him.

Huge deal….


It’s the rule….you turn five…and mom is done helping wipe.

{is that to much info?}

Sleeping thru the night.

As much as i LOVED the baby stage..


i do not miss the sleepless nights.

I love my sleep.

Waking up on your birthday in our home

means one thing.

Donuts for breakfast.

I hate donuts so much that i had two of them.

One for me and i ate one for you….

because i’m that type of girl.

After we filled our bodies with sugar…

i dropped off the kids at school.

I brought in HUGE cupcakes to Fin’s class….

which in turn means …


After school….we headed to his favorite restaurant…

for lunch.

He invited his besties…Frankie {the italian}, and Lou {the spaniard}…

who always look so cute sitting next to my …

blond haired…

blue eyed…

pale skinned…

boy who still needs his butt wiped.

After lunch…

the kids decided to have a root beer float…


more cupcakes.

{at this point i’m still sick for the cupcake i had for you this morning}

We did a little jiggy…

danced a little dance…

sang a little song.

Then at the end of the day we had our little family party….

which included

push-ups for dinner.

I’m not talking about the exercise either…

i’m talking about the ice cream kind.

I was really doing so well….

but not today.

All because i had an extra donut for you.

It’s a new day.

I have a five year old.

A gorgeous, well mannered, super smart, violin playing,third grader level reader,

boy who might just skip kindergarten and head straight to high school.

{alright…only the first two things are correct}

I don’t have a baby anymore….

I have a five year old.
{psst. I’m still over here answering your Q’s}

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