Sprinkles are…..

We were getting ready for ice skating lessons Saturday morning when
Bryan walked in the room and asked us if we had forgotten about the egg hunt.
well yeah….
i think my mind is a little preoccupied.
For one thing…the other day my best friend who was supposed to help
with Fin a few of the days while I’m in France…
called me and told me that her husband surprised them
and they are headed to Florida.
They were going to leave the day i needed her most.
But before i had time to digest the fact that i would have
to call up some other friends to help me, she came up with a plan.
She offered to take Fin with them.
That’s right….
pack up my baby and take him on an airplane with them.
To Florida.
Aren’t best friends the best?!
Seriously…when you’re in a pinch…they pull thru.
I love her.
Now….before you go thinking that Fin is going to be a part of their family now…
it just so happens that bryans parents live
from where they are vacationing.
It’s fate i tell you.
Once they land…our lovely nanna will pick fin up at the airport and
have three whole days at the beach with just him.
One on one time….before they fly back up to chicago together.
i was a little distracted Saturday morning.
I almost missed the egg hunt.
ahem again….
i almost let my children miss the egg hunt.

Now….i must warn you.
You realize i don’t get to many pictures of my 9 year old.
He’s too cool for having his picture taken.
Most of the time that is.
I really think the next photo says it all….
and really…
he was smiling the entire egg hunt.
i promise.
{you can see him smiling next to the BUNNY in the first photo}

I think he must be focused…on the eggs.

That’s it…


The rules out on the field are….
10 eggs per child.
What kind of crock is that i ask…..10 eggs?!?!
We followed the rules…but there were MANY that did not.
If they were allowed to possibly gather 15 eggs each…
then maybe some of the juvenile delinquents that i saw with
full baskets….
wouldn’t feel the need to conquer the hunt.
Deep breath…..
calm down girl…..
it’s only an egg hunt…
{full of juvenile delinquents}

I think all of the eggs were opened and eaten within 3 minutes.

I didn’t even get a chance to go thru them and pull out

the poisoned ones.

I had a feeling the caramel ones were poisoned..

but no one let me check.

Then we went home…..

and made what we like best.


Butterfly cupcakes.

We found the molds in the dollar section at Target.

You know how i love cupcakes…

well my children love them just as much.
The reason we made cupcakes is because on the way to the egg hunt…

lola saw all the eggs on the ground..

then turned to us and said:

Easter eggs are the sprinkles on Gods cupcake.

We are on spring break this week….which means i am home with kids.


  1. Hi there! I came across your blog and I love it! I lived in St. Charles for a number of years before moving back home to Michigan. I loved the Kane County Flea Market and this Easter Egg Hunt:) I was hoping you could tell you could tell me a little bit more about the boys’ book baskets from Ikea. I searched the Ikea website and could not find them. Any help you could give me would be great! I miss St. Charles, the Fox River, Gramp’s Custard, and the Blue Goose! Thank you so much! Jeannine

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