She wore a dress……..

My girl only likes to get dressed up
one day a year.
Not two…..
not three….
but just one day a year.
Any other day….she’s a jeans and t-shirt wearing
hoodie type of girl.

I will admit….

some days it’s a struggle.

I will cry silently to myself about the outfit she has chosen

to wear to school.

It’s not that she doesn’t care what she looks like….




i think that’s it.

She really does not care.

I have to get over it…..

she’s not a girly girl…she has her own style…

and she’s happy with it.

Any time you see her posing for me…
and she looks coordinated….
it’s because i’ve paid her.
I either have to bribe her with candy
or a trip to the dollar section at Target.
It’s the truth.

My secret is out now…

i pay my daughter to match her clothes.

She gets double the prize if she leaves her sneakers at home

and will wear knee high boots or ballet flats instead.

What have i succumbed too?



this last Saturday was the

daddy daughter dance.

Lola was on cloud nine the entire day

which in fact had me on

cloud nine the entire day also.

{funny how that happens}

Lola had two options for dresses…..the one above is what i picked out…

the one below is what Lola picked out…but with my approval.

I loved both dresses.

I really loved the grey one above just a bit more…

but wasn’t going to push it.

I let Lola choose which one to wear.

I knew when she asked me which one i liked more….

that deep down it was a trick question…

and i should have taken my time in answering her..

but i was too quick and said..

the grey one.


she chose the blue one.

shoes were picked out by her….

to my surprise…

they were pretty close to something i would wear myself.


i’m not going to lie and tell you that

i didn’t hide the hideous looking shoes when we went shopping…

so that she only saw these.


it was for her own good.

I think as mothers…we need to protect our children.

I can’t pick her friends…but i can help her pick her shoes.

That’s the story and i’m sticking with it.

She picked out her nails.

It must be a midwest thing….

stick on nails.

I love the scarf….

and yes…

i believe i had to pay her to wear it.

Everything else she picked out herself.

Bryan brought her home some flowers…

then they went to dinner.

The dance was fabulous from what i hear…

and they won an award for best dressed.

{ I gave the award }

Lola looks forward to this night every year…

it’s such a special time for her and bryan.

The best part is….

on Sunday morning for church…Lola came down in

the grey dress.

I didn’t even have to pay her.

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