Rainy days and spring haze…..

It rained most of the weekend.
I don’t mind…..because it’s better then snow in my opinion.
I also realize it is only the middle of march…
and with this being my 3rd spring here…
i have a feeling this fabulous weather is just teasing us.
I don’t think i would want the rain everyday….
something about frizzy hair…
but one weekend in just fine.
windows cracked open
wet cement
rain boots
puddle jumping
happy children
{though i wouldn’t be honest if i didn’t tell you that finding worms …
that fell out of pockets into the washing machine…
and made it into the dryer…
only to be found while folding laundry …
is just not a fun end to the day}

We also experienced Alice in wonderland.
loved it.



I bought lola this new skirt…
only to get her in it…
snap a few photos…
and have her tell me that she doesn’t like puffy.

I’d just like to thank the specialty children’s boutique for letting us

that gorgeous skirt.


Mason went to his first concert on Saturday….

i gave him my ticket to see the black eyed peas.

Bryan and mason took the train into chicago saturday morning

in time to see the river turn green.

Chicago does that every year for the st. paddy’s day parade.

They also spent the night…it was a boys weekend.

I remember my first concert….it was

The Jackson Five

then two months later i got to see


i was in 5th grade…my dad moonlit as a security guard

at Dodger stadium…..

so he was able to get me and my girlfriends into these concerts

for free.

I look back now and think of myself as an 10/11 year old

at the “like a virgin tour”.

I will forever remember it…

and i hope Mason remembers his first concert…

not just the concert itself…but a night away with his dad.

Last night i rented the movie…Coco before Chanel.

It was really good….

and today i’m making crab cakes with mango salsa.


oh…did you want the recipe….

sure….no problem..

because it’s been about two weeks now hasn’t it.


{winner of giveaway coming soon…i just have to get thru Fin’s 5 year shots today}

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