Pretty things….

It’s been another one of those weeks….

and in the whole realm of things…

something like my heart breaking over something that

really is not that big of a deal…

it’s so silly actually…..

but when it involves one of my children..

it matters to me.

I wish i could stand up and shout out…


this can’t be happening…

but it’s going to..

and how i wish i could write it all out right now..

so i could hear feedback from you…

but not today.

Change happens whether we like it or not.


Pretty things are on my mind.

Like these pretty plates from Anthro….

4 of them to be exact.

Perfect for having a little lemon bar party of your own.

Pretty things like these chandie shades that i finally took some

photos of for you.

Remember the post 2 weeks ago that i told you about my

creative neighbor making these gorgeous shades…

I finally semi~dusted my chandie so i could get some decent

shots for you.

I even have a large one….

because i love pretty things.

I realize some of you like pretty too…

maybe you would like your own pretty shade…

or a few chandie shades?

we painted Lola’s room last weekend.


okay…you got me….

i didn’t mean we as in my husband and i…

but my fabulous painter guy did.

Can you tell the difference?

My little Fin and his bestie sure like to play in lola’s room…

i don’t get it…

i think he’s like me…

and needed some pretty that day.

I realized last weekend that when Lola said


to a pale grey room….

that maybe aliens had abducted my real daughter..

and brought some random girl in her place.


but then my real Lola returned to me when

she said…

let’s just keep it cream.

So she got a fresh coat of paint…..

a tad bit darker….

but pretty.

We like pretty things.

Pretty things are on my mind. I ran to Barnes & Noble this morning

to grab the newest Boho magazine

which features Paris in the springtime.

I love Boho magazine.

Are you still here?



If you are…and you need a bit of pretty today….

just leave a comment.

It’s the i need something pretty today giveaway;-)

One lucky winner will get a custom shade {like above} or 3 mini chandie shades…

4 pretty plates from Anthro….

my favorite Tokyo milk lip balm from Anthro…

{i promise i didn’t use it yet}….


and the current spring issue of Boho.

Blog or tweet about it…and i’ll double your chances.

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  1. Those shades are so dreamy! What are the ruffles made of? It almost looks like bias tape. Love. Love. Love your style.

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