Counting the days…..

It’s right around the corner…..

actually…just over two weeks if anyone was counting.

I’m at the stage where i am putting everything together…

and getting organized.

I have a feeling i will be all packed this weekend.

Remember when you were pregnant with your first child…

you had a list for the hospital on what to pack…

a checklist…

remember how you had your list all checked off…

and packed a good two months before

your baby was even due.


i did the same.

It made you feel like it’s official…

bag is packed…

now i can have the baby.

Then as your due date came would unpack your bag…

only to make sure everything was still there…

and then re-pack it.

Just to make sure.

I’m sure you did it more then once….

i’m just saying…

it happens.

Like this trip of mine.

It’s a dream that in turn is becoming a reality.

Except this time…

i’m not having a baby…i’m travelling to France.

I have dreamt about this for years….

and it’s becoming a reality.

I am blessed.

I am thankful.

I’ve been practicing riding our little Metro around town…
just in case Kim and I decide we need one.
Kim told me NO….
there is no room for our luggage..
how much does she think i’m packing?
I know i said i was ONLY
going to pack 3 pairs of shoes….
but i bought 3 pairs today….
in addition to the three i was already going to bring.

Have i mentioned yet that we are renting a manual

car while we are in the south of France?

Manual=stick shift

I haven’t driven a manual since high school…

neither has Kim.

Manual+narrow roads+french signs= Lost girls.

Unless we get lost down in the french riviera…

and end up meeting George Clooney..

who has a yacht down there.


Needless to say…

i think a Vespa is sounding better and better.

I wouldn’t normally even have looked twice at these…
would have just walked right by them…
i would have.
i promise.
Except…..they were on sale…..
and i have a feeling
will be walking the streets of Paris…
so i must be prepared.

Then i walked my these mustard beauties…..
and they were
not on sale.
boo hiss.
I then remembered that my husband has decided
to have lasik eye surgery next week…
which he informed me that
he will be laid up for a day or so.
I’ll be taking care of him…
and my three kids.
I decided at that point…
what’s an extra pair of shoes.

I also needed a new camera bag….
because i couldn’t just throw my beloved
into just any ole purse while i wander around the
streets of Paris.
i couldn’t.
Her name is Ginger….
even though i really LOVED the Lola…
but red and i don’t really get along…
so Ginger it is.
She’s cute….
and so versatile…
with compartments inside for all my lenses.

I decided i am only bringing a few outfits.
Maybe a few more if i can figure out which shoes to
not bring.
I promised myself that i wouldn’t be
that girl
who over packs.

My darling neighbor gave me her birthday discount card for Anthro.

I haven’t stepped into that place for a good….



couple of months.


maybe it hasn’t been that long….

for sure it’s been a couple of weeks…

at least.

I think.


oh well….

who’s counting…right?

Thanks for letting me ramble about this whole pregnancy thing…

you girls are amazing.


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