Confessions from an addict…..

I admit it.

I love sugar.

I tell you this because i have no plans in giving it up..

nor do i want to.

I have a sweet tooth….

and you know what……

i am okay with it.

I actually thought really hard about maybe giving it up a few months ago…

seems like it’s the craze right now….

giving up sugar in order to lose a few pounds.

I thought about it for a second….

maybe even two…

but who would i be kidding.

I would be the person cheating myself….

i might even get by for a day or two without

having any cravings….

but then i would cave in.

I would be cheating myself….

because i like sugar.

I love a good {and pretty} cupcake.

I love my glass {or three} of wine at night.

I love brown sugar with cranberries in my oatmeal.

I love to bake cookies for my kids….

even though i buy the just pop them in the oven kind from Trader Joe’s.

I didn’t say i make homemade did i?

I love sugar.

When i booked my France trip….

i knew i wanted to lose about 10 pounds.

Winter was not good to me….nor was it good to my thighs….

so i needed to get my body back.

You know what i did….

I re-joined the gym.

I also take a boot camp 2 nights a week.

I exercise 4-5 days a week…

because i have to.

It works for me.

I am down 6 pounds…with 4 more to go.

I really hate to exercise…..

and those 10 sprints up a hill last night are killing me today.

I could barely get out of bed this morning to eat my cupcake

but you know what….

it works.

My body is getting stronger…

even though i still can’t do a damn pull up….

my butt still jiggles when i run…
my clothes aren’t so tight anymore….

and i feel great.

Occasionally my kids hate going to the gym childcare….

and i feel bad…

really …i do.

We have to do something for ourselves…

and exercising is what

i need to do.

I will never run a race….

you couldn’t pay me to….

unless of course…

there were cupcakes at the finish line.

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