Another adventure…..

I have made my plans for the beginning of summer….
and i am going to kick it off by heading back to Spokane, Washington
for The Farm Chicks show on June 5th and 6th.
I can’t wait to head there again with friends.
You should go also….
i’m just saying….
it’s so much fun.
I know for a fact….that as soon as the plane lands we are all headed
over to this sweetest restaurant right downtown…and around the corner from our hotel.
It’s called Madeleine’s….and of course it’s FRENCH.
I might even be able to throw a word or two out correctly…
we’ll see.
Oh….and for sure…i’ll be eating a cupcake.

I know my trip to Spokane wouldn’t be complete without
heading to Chap’s. {click on chaps for the info}
If there is just one restaurant that you should go’s this place.
I even hear that Celeste is opening a bakery called Cake.
Helloooo….now that is right up my alley.

I can’t really say that i am saving my pennies at this point…
since there are no pennies to be had…
every last penny is headed with me to France…
so i’m thinking i’m going to call Celeste up and ask her
if i brought my sleeping bag..would she let me crash in the back of her truck.

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