The train to Paris……..

I thought since so many of you asked to see more
of the ….
“let’s play cards in the snow while freezing our butts off”
photo session, that i would throw them here
for you to see.
I met up with my friend Traci { uber photographer}
on friday for coffee…
after i worked out at the gym.

I am happy to report that i am officially…

down 3 pounds.

I have been a gym maniac…

the front desk girls know me by name…

which is okay by me.

I set a goal…and i have to really work

if i am to achieve it.

I’m not one to say…I’m gonna cut out sugar from my diet..

because for me…that’s unrealistic.

I have to exercise..and as much as i hate it..

it’s what i have to do.

Then on saturday i spent a lot of time on the computer….

doing a bit of hotel research…

for that trip to France.


Then i went to bed saturday night…

and had nightmares.

Nightmares you ask…



Because you see….after my friend Kimberly and i spend the first three

days is Paris…..

we head on a train down to the south of France….

to flea market.

We will spend three lovely days in Avignon….

hitting a flea market…

strolling thru the country…..

with our fifteen suitcases in hand.


you read that right.

fifteen suitcases.

How am i supposed to go to the most beautiful

place in the world and only have one suitcase..

and three pairs of shoes?

That’s not what i had nightmares about though…


not at all.

Because..i can clearly live out of one suitcase with

three pairs of shoes….

i mean….



what i had nightmares about…

is that i will be taking the train back up to Paris…

all by myself.

me.myself.and i.

and then get off the train…

all by myself….

and get to my hotel for my flight out the next morning.


I dreamed that i missed my stop and ended up in Germany.

Not saying that Germany is bad…

i know a lot of wonderful Germans…..

but i am a french girl….

and i need to be in Paris…..

drinking a good bottle of VIN

not in Germany…

drinking WEIN.

or eating weiners….

with schnitzel…

because i just don’t have room in my suitcase..

for the extra clothing.

No…we don’t have a dog…

even though lola wanted


to bring him home.


i hate to confuse you with dogs and weiners and schnitzel.


i had nightmares about taking that 3 hour train ride by myself.

I know it’ll all work out…

and i won’t miss the stop…

ending up in Germany.

I’m also thinking that 7 days is just not going to be enough


I decided to add an extra day….

just one extra day….

let me run it by the family first..

i think it should be ok.

The whole solo train ride got me a thinking…

to when i was thirteen years old.

I was thirteen and my friend was twelve when

our moms dropped us off at the airport

for a solo trip to hawaii…..

just the two of us…

on an airplane by ourselves.

We were headed to see her dad…

who lived on hawaii full time but also worked full time.

We leaned the bus system…

and took it everywhere.

From the beach to the laundry mat….


Can you believe it.

A full week…

and then her dad dropped us back

at the airport…

dropped us out front i tell ya…

before there was security…

literally pulled his car up to the drop off..

and dropped us off.

I freak out now when i go to the airport….

even though i am an adult.


where did i go with this?

I should be completely fine…

considering my solo travel history.

just fine.

deep breath.






I will not end up in Germany.

you still reading….




hello there.

I think i need to hug this guy…

how many guys will let a photographer..

go to town….

and get a bunch of solo shots…

I am gonna give him a big ole squeeze.

Did i mention my brother had his first baby?
they named him Preston.
Richard Preston

they might call him….putter.
they are big golfers….
hence the nickname putter.
I’m heading to see them the end of next week..
actually the whole fam is going..
and it’ll be a ski trip as well.
I can’t believe lola and fin have never been on ski’s before..
so they will take a few days of lessons and then
the whole family will be skiing together.
maybe not me….
i don’t like to ski…
i like to sit in the bar at the bottom of the mountain
drinking my hot buttered rum….
watching everyone in front of the
warm fireplace.
At least that’s what i dreamed about
after the germany nightmare.
I guess i’ll be skiing though.

* a few months ago i had a name the baby contest..{here}

the two girls that nominated Preston are:

Allegra & Charity.

{No one nominated Putter.}

girls..I have a little something for you.

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