Meet paul walker…..

Good morning friday.
I wanted you all to meet Paul Walker….
it’s a funny thing…really…
Paul was born in Glendale, Cali.
and i was born in Glendale, Cali.
Paul was born in 1973…..
i was born in 1974.
Paul was in a bunch of movies…..
i was an extra in one movie.
It’s fate.
Just don’t mention it to bryan…

I decided to name my new truck after Paul…
i don’t think he would mind…
i mean..
if he ever decided to call me back
so that i can ask him personally…
that is.
Maybe he would even like to take a ride with me…
totally innocent of course..
i would even let bryan ride in the back;-)
Meet my new ride….
Paul Walker….
i think i’ll call him Walker for short.
or just paul…
i’m not sure…
or even PW.
I hope Pioneer Woman doesn’t mind that i’m
stealing her initials.

PW is gorgeous……
inside and out.
He’s a mountain truck…
but when we chatted, he mentioned that
he would love to live in
the chicago burbs.

he’s a 1950 chevy….
grey and red.

This love affair is meant to be….

because you know how i love grey…

I just have to keep talking the owner…
who happens to be my dad…
into handing him over.
{dad…are you reading this?}

If and when PW ever decides to head my way…
i promise you will be the first to know.
till then….
i’ll just keep dreaming.


  1. I love paul walker.. googled his name and found this. have you ever seen him? nice car btw.

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