hello baby…..

That was a quick five days away.
We left Thursday morning…and just got home.
I was going through all of the photos and there is
only one of me.
just one.
obviously…because i’m the one behind the camera…
taking pics of the kids all weekend.
I broke down and bought a winter jacket before i left for the mountains.
Do you see the snowboarders behind me….
watching me…
like i’m going to hop on my board…
and tear up the mountain…
in my jeans.
Do you know a lot of people wear jeans while skiing?

I’m serious.
I saw a lot of acid wash jeans…..
i saw a lot of things…
but i won’t go there….
cuz this is a family blog…
and i want to keep it a happy place.
hello there….i’m back….but one of the reasons i went
was to see this guy:

As of right now i am in serious withdrawal.

i’m hurting bad…..

like a junkie….

my ovaries kicked in to high gear over the weekend while

visiting my new nephew.


I clearly remember my whole family standing around..




over the baby…..

and as i am holding this sweet baby..

i turn around to bryan…

and say…

it’s time…i’ll meet you in the bedroom in five.

At that point he disappeared.


i haven’t seen him since.

I have a small feeling he’s not on board with me

to have another baby.

oh well.
a girl can still dream right…
and i have her name all picked out just in case.

Anyhoo…this little guy was what i needed over the weekend….

i could have eaten him up..


i did…

but my sister in law had to stop me…

she practically had to grab Preston from me…

but all is good now.

I got my baby fix.
{now i’m just going to go and see if i can find that hiding husband of mine…}


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