Family days…..

The real reason we all headed to Angel Fire, NM last weekend was

not just to meet my new nephew….

but was to celebrate my parents 40th anniversary.

Forty years together.

While i was there i found some photos of my mom…

shortly after she married my dad.

I’m happy to say that Lola now has photos

of someone she loves …

with the same hair style.

We celebrated their anniversary as a family…

and it was a fabulous weekend.

We spent three full days skiing.


not necessarily moi…

because i had to have my baby fix remember.

All three of the kids are now officially skiers.

Mason had a one day lesson since he

has skied before.
{fyi: i looked up the word skied..and i did spell it right…
it just doesn’t look right….
for all of you grammar fanatics}

Fin and Lola had never been on ski’s…

so they had 2 days of lessons.

Bryan and Mason skied together the second day..

all day…

while the other two had their second day of lessons.

Then on Sunday….

we all went up as a family.



To be able to ski as a family…

and there was no complaining at all.



there might have been a teeenytinnny bit of complaining.

It wasn’t from me though.

We still had fun though.

We are very fortunate to have family that lives

in areas that make family vacations fun.
and i’ve been having a blast answering all your questions.
you can still ask….{here}


p.s. i somehow forgot to announce

the winner of my little {2 year old}


Paula {two ellie} …come on down!

{email me}

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