I nicknamed myself economista over the weekend.
Only because the word budget and i are getting
to know each other quite well.
I was at Ikea {again} last week…
as well as the week before…
and i just fell in love with the linen curtains
{pictured above}
that were clearanced at $15…
down from $30.
Linen and i have a love affair….
just don’t mention it to anyone….
and because of this love affair..
i decided it was time to update my little sun room.

I was able to transform this room with only spending about $100….
that included the 4 pairs of curtains…
and some small pieces that i found at the flea market this weekend.
I also did a lot of moving pieces of
furniture around that were in different
rooms of my home.

I even created my own chandie shade.
yes i did.

Hard to believe that i actually crafted those with
my two hands.
They are actually knee highs from
You know how i have a knee high fetish….
because every pair of knee high boots
has to have…
knee highs peeking out.
And these go perfect with my love of linen….
and buttons…..
oh my.
drooling is not a good look on me.

some french words to practice….
while i sip my wine….
sitting in my reading room.
all is quiet.

Every sun room/reading room needs a wine trolley.
{it’s actually an old library cart}

I wonder if i can lock myself in here without the children noticing….

probably not for long…
Oh…and just an fyi.
The wall color is called french silk…
and it’s by Ralph Lauren.
My friend emailed me last week letting
me know that home depot will not
be carrying the R.L line anymore.
get in and grab all the color cards you need.
just don’t mention that it was me that told you
to grab them…


  1. Oh I just found your blog and I’m in heaven with it. I just wanted to say I think you are so talented and thank you sharing with all of us:)

    God Bless, Julie

  2. What color paint is you sun room walls?

  3. I just love it!! Very beautiful!

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