Do not read this…..

I warned you.
apparently you must be a lot like me…
with you’re listening skills.
One could argue though….
that reading is different then listening….
so in that case….
i suppose it’s ok.
This is a warning…
if you continue to read this…
and drool all over your keyboard…
or worse yet….
leave your children at home alone
to head out for breakfast with your girlfriends…
then i am
Alrighty then….
if you are still here and want to read…
then i shall tell you about my saturday.
Let’s start off with what we ordered first.
no…it was not a mimosa….
even though the pear and current mimosa was calling my name.
calling my name really loudly…
but i declined.
We started off with:
grilled polenta & herbed chevre & sliced pears with a honey ginger sauce.
{i’m drooling all over now as i type away}

are you still here…..


Seriously…who needs to cook breakfast when you can go out…

or is that just me….

i like to go out for breakfast…..

it’s my favorite meal of the day…

that is….if i can go out.

Really…one can only eat so much oatmeal at home

before they turn into oats themselves.

After our little shared first course…

we moved on.

I ordered tri colored benedict.

{yes..i’m drooling again..}

Eggs benny ….

herbed hollandaise sauce…..


sun dried tomatoes…

with a balsamic drizzle.

or you could have been one of my friends..

and ordered…

a breakfast quesadilla.


cheese from the cheese maker that resides

in the back of the restaurant.

Sliced pears that are grown on the pear tree in the front yard.

just wanted to make sure you were still here.



At this point you really are going to want to stop.

I’m warning you.


Unless of course you like to look at houses…

because i had an appointment to see a charming house

that’s for sale…..

a few blocks from the restaurant.

I know what you are thinking…

why is she looking at a house?

I know….

my husband thinks the same thing.


he doesn’t question me anymore.

We have a solid relationship….

it’s a …

don’t ask….don’t tell policy.

He doesn’t ask anymore…

and i don’t tell.

This policy doesn’t work for everyone…..

it didn’t work for the Army….

but it works in the Buick household.

I am going to let you just peruse thru this plaqued historic home…

built in 1860.

I am also not going to tell you that it’s for sale….

or that the lovely owner let me in ..

or that i tried to lock him out of his own home…

so that i could sit on his lovely furniture…

or take a bath in his claw foot tub..

or lick his Swedish antique clock…

{did i just say ..lick the clock!?..}

If you made it through…..
and managed to survive …
i commend you.
Disclaimer: I {kasey} am not held accountable from this day forward
for anyone drooling over their keyboard, leaving their children home
alone so that they can meet friends for breakfast, nor am i held
accountable for anyone entering a home that is for sale just to take photos.
Nor am i accountable for anyone taking a hostage so that one can experience
a hot bath in a claw foot tub.
Signed: kasey buick

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