Benched for good behavior….

uh oh.

I swear this boy gets in more trouble…

but how can i punish a face like that..

i think that’s why he gets away with

so much.

I’m using my new 35mm lens on these photos..


I happened to be out and about …

when low and behold…

i came across this bench.

If you know me…

then bench is my middle name.




distressed iron with a bit of plank wood blended together.

I am asked all the time how can i keep the babies

from climbing all over the

furniture without destroying everything.


i can’t.

I don’t.

My kids have full reign of our home…

it’s the way we want it.

There is no playroom.

Every room is a playroom for them.

That’s why we love slip covered…even in white.

What’s the fun in having a room that you just

look at all the time and it can’t be used?

I dragged this bench in and set it up before

trouble came in and claimed it for his own.

I really only have one rule in the family room..

and it’s no eating.

No one really follows that rule….

just like no one

takes up the clothes that

are folded at the bottom of the stairs…

ready to be put away.



the dishwasher full of clean dishes…

seems like everyone likes to grab that clean spoon out

before anyone would even think of

putting anything away.


who needs them.

Did someone say pillows?


i don’t have a pillow problem…





The wide aperture on the 35mm is perfection

for your close up shots…

really captures that distressed iron.

{just don’t ask me what aperture means…}

I’m not quite sure if the bench is staying put in this spot..

but it works for now.


now more about that beloved 35mm.

or do you want the bench info?

The lens is a 35mm 2.0 .

which is a prime lens.

Prime lens means it doesn’t zoom in or out

so it’s perfect for everyday.

I love that you can focus on your


and automatically…your background can have that

blurred look.

I used this lens on my new camera which is a

canon 50d.

My other camera is a canon rebel if you are in

the market for a great starter camera….

just email me…cuz i’m selling my beloved rebel.

{updated: camera sold}


and as for that bench…

i found it at Homegoods.


i should probably go and cook some dinner…

How does mac n cheese sound…
and let me know if you want the recipe…
cuz i can make a killer pot of it.

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