Two years later…..

It’s hard to believe that i’ve been writing

here for two years….
two years this month….
and what started as a blog about my shop happenings..
turned into a daily view on my life..
my family…my home.

It’s also hard to believe that we {my family} has lasted

in Illinois for two and a half years.

Bryan grew up in florida…

i grew up in so. cali…

we met in vail, colorado…


moved to the bay area {san fran}…

lived there for 3 years…

had our first baby and named him Mason.

I love san francisco…

i would move back in a heart beat….

but bryan has a job….

so i guess we should stay here.

When mason was 6mo…we packed up

and moved back to colorado…

this time settling outside of denver.

Had another baby when mason was 16mo old..

named her lola.

Eye’s were rolled when we named her…

but we had always loved that name…

and stuck to it.

Then people like Kelly Ripa, Denise Richards, Jennie Garth,

and Madonna all called me to see if it would

be ok for them to use that name as well.

We agreed.

We are still awaiting for a handwritten thank you card…

and everyday i check my mail…

my hottie{ mailman} knows i’m waiting.

Lola turned two and i found out there

was going to be another baby.

Who the hell has three babies in less than 4 years…


at least the baby was cute…

and we named him fin.

I really wanted to name him atticus…

after atticus finch…

my favorite book is to kill a mockingbird…

i like to think that fin is short for finch…

but bryan likes to think of fin

after a shark fin…..
{which i’m not going to mention the fact that bryan has a shark tatoo on his ankle}

because he dreams of one day moving back to florida.

I told bryan he can move to florida and i’ll move

back to the bay area.

that didn’t go over very well.


fin was born…..lola was 2.5…mason 4.

I begged my doctor to give me some medication…
ya know…to help cope.
Tom cruise tried to talk me out of it…
but i told him to back off….

i loved my prozac.

Fin turned two and we found out we were moving

to illinois.


started the blog.

met friends.

met blog friends.


travelled with blog friends.


drink skinny vanilla lattes.

write some more.



shop for shoes.

shop for more shoes.


exercise a lot.

watch the scale not move.

kick the scale.

have a glass {or three} of wine.

shop at anthro.

feels better than prozac.

buy a new canon 50d.

volunteer at kids school.

vow never to home school.

drive a mini van.

love my mini van.

hate my mini van.

put on my {snuggie.}

eat ice cream.

get cozy.

kick the scale.

Are you still reading…..i’m impressed if you got this far…

but totally understand if i lost you an hour ago.


for those of you still here…..

i want to thank you.

thank you for reading …

thank you for commenting..

thank you for letting me know that my life

is a little crazy…and nutty…

but so completely normal.


i suppose a little giveaway is in order.

one lucky reader will recieve all of this:

a $25 starbucks giftcard {get a handfull of your own skinny vanilla lattes}

a $25 target giftcard {get your own snuggie to keep you warm}

a $25 restaurant giftcard {to have dinner..or drinks with a friend}

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