Solo momma…..

{Part one}
Wednesday afternoon came around and it wasn’t looking
good for bryan to break free from his back to
back meetings so that he could take us to the
Oh well.
It’s a good thing i know the number to
the car service.
It’s not really a limo service….
but that’s what showed up at my home on wednesday
to take us to the airport.
a stretch limo…
with drinks…
a movie playing…
the works.
I had a good feeling
that the trip was going to be good….
especially since i was a travelling momma…
solo momma.

We have the traveling down to a “T”.

We carry on…

we do not check any bags…

the kids are in charge of their own suitcases.

I got their matching suitcases

and backpacks at target.


i need my whole suitcase to myself….

and i must say…

i was pretty proud of myself for only bringing

four pairs of shoes with me.

We arrived late Wednesday night….

in West Palm Beach….

only to walk off the airplane …

stripping off our sweatshirts…and layers.

Have i mentioned that humidity and

my hair do not get along?


I won’t go into detail right now..

but have you ever seen what

a person looks like when they stick

their finger into an electrical socket?

uh huh.

that’s me.



how i love Florida in the winter….

but so do a lot of “older” folks.

Ever wonder where the saying..

Early bird

comes from?


good ole florida in the winter.

But really….where else are you going to get a

steak dinner with potatoes

and veggies…

oh…don’t forget the bread with butter.

{which is SO hilarious….because every menu makes sure to say…bread and butter

like a meal is not a meal without bread and butter

real butter….}

for the wonderful price of $14.


and that meal comes with a glass of house cabernet…

with bread and butter.

Day one.

We were on the beach at Ten sharp…..

I really wanted to get you a good shot

of the wind surfers above…

but that darn boy was in the shot.

Don’t you worry though…..

because i know you can still see

the wind surfers in the background…

it’s just that the camera was focused on

surfer boy.

Then this boy came along….

thinking that he would

suffice as a surfer boy….

i kept yelling at him to move out of the way…



he moved alright…..
he moved and shaked…
danced a bit…
pulled out some moves i’ve never seen.
he’s only four….

Then i caught this boy.

a real version of what a surfer boy is.
alright…so he’s minus the surfboard.
he’s more of a boogie boarder
or a boogie eater.
alright…not a boogie eater anymore..
*{french elements chose thewinner of the sponsor giveaway :* Amy of lemon cottage}

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