Entre Nous….

Don’t hate me.
I lied.
Please hear me out first before you cross me off of your list.
pretty please.
i was at a friends home last night….
with the kids….
for dinner.
When i got a call…
the call….
one i had not been anticipating.
You see…..at this point i had been silently hoping
that maybe…just maybe …
my hubby would be calling to check in…
i mean….
that’s what husbands do when they travel…
at least i thought so…
but alas..
it was not him on the line…
it was the cleaners.
You heard me right….
the house cleaners.
They wanted to know if i might be interested
in having them clean tomorrow.
At this point the birds started singing in my ears…
and i took a big swallow..
because you have no idea what my poor house
looks like…..
actually you do know…
but it is a whole lot worse in person…
trust me.
i realize that i totally swore off my cleaners..
saying i would do the cleaning myself in order
to save some pennies for France.
I truly believe that someone else took over my body at

that point and in a clear authoritative voice…
said to the cleaners…
what time can you be there.

It was also my kids first day back to school…

after a very long 2 weeks off.

I picked fin up from preschool…

then plopped him in front of the tele


i did..

you heard me..

i plopped him in front of the tele.

Then i came upstairs to my bedroom…..

and relaxed on my chair.
It was very quiet..
and it smelled so clean…
not like dirty socks..
and there were no clothes ..
in piles on the floor.
none of that.

I almost thought of climbing into by bed..
but the cleaners made it…
and i hated to disturb such a masterpiece..
because it’s been
a very..
long time since the bed has been made.

i grabbed my newest read….
knowing that all was well in my home..
all was well.

Are we still friends?
*Entre Nous = between us*

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