Do something amazing……..

I feel at times i could change the world.

The reality is….i can’t…..

nor do i really want to.

{ i mean…can you imagine the pressure ….}

At the end of my day i like to be able to go to sleep

knowing that i at least tried.

Maybe not changed the world…

or travelled to a third world country…

to feed the poor.

I can’t do much.

I wish i could…..

but the reality is…..

i can do something.

I live in a pretty wonderful neighborhood of older homes.

The neighbors are really fabulous….

we all get along….we help each other out.

A few doors down, a single mother lives

with her daughter in a flat.

The daughter…is the same age as lola…and from here on out…

I shalll call her “A”.

The mother works full time….. there is

no father.

Actually…there was a father….but he lives elsewhere

and when the mother took him to court for

mandatory child support…..

he took off.

I have been helping watch “A” for the last year now….

she comes over 3 mornings a week before school..

and on fridays after school.

My other neighbor watches “A” the other 2

afternoons.. after school.

“A” leads a rough life….

her mother doesn’t have much money…

she gets shuttled around on the weekends so that

her mother can work.

My little family has helped her out this year and payed

for her to be in girl scouts with lola….

we take her with us to dinner…

we let her be a part of our family..

but there are definitely some complications.

She is not used to having a father figure…

so it’s hard for her to take direction when bryan is home….

she argues a lot with my children…

she’s very strong headed {just like lola}…

but we love her.

I won’t be able to help watch her forever…

because we will be travelling a lot this summer…

and it worries me.

I worry about who will be watching her when i

won’t be able to…

or when my neighbor gets a job to help support her

own family..and is unable to help as well.

What kills me is that i worry about what will

happen when i’m not there.

I’m not her mother….

but i ache for her…

i ache because i know

what her situation is like

at home.


right now…..

i can do something amazing.
I am helping form a young girl…
who has a pretty rough life.

I go to bed knowing that i am

doing something good….
it might be so small…

that no one notices…

i only want ONE person knowing…

one small person.

One small girl to be able to climb into bed…

feeling like she is loved…
and is part of a family.
It just takes somebody….
to do something.
you can do it also…
something amazing…
even if no one even knows.
Try it.
p.s. my brother and his wife had their first baby last week. His name is Preston…

and i can’t wait to meet him in 2 weeks! I know someone is getting a prize from

the ‘name the baby’ contest…so as soon as i find it…i’ll let you know.


  1. First of all I LOVE the name Preston…that’s what I want to name my boy when the Lord blesses me with a Husband & baby boy one day! LOL

    Second of all and most importantly…I want to say how awesome it is what you’re doing. My great grandma raised me and it was my sweet neighbor that took me in as her “middle child”…I was right between her 2 sons in age. She welcomed me in, took time with me one on one, celebrated my birthday, prayed with me when I was struggling with stuff….she was just present in my life in a HUGE way….I’m 33 years old now and she’s still a part of my life…I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. You’re making a big impact on this young girl and I know she’ll always want you to be there. Keep doin’ what you’re doin….you’re making a difference for sure!

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