Beautiful surfer boys…….

As much as i love the good ole midwest…..

with the ice storms ….the single digit temps…

the need to not leave the house…

for days on end…

i look forward to the middle of


all year long.


are you thinking to yourself that

you just learned something new about me…

kasey loves the middle of january?


because every january

we put away our snowsuits…

tuck away our gloves

and dig out our flip flops.

Oh sweet heaven…..

i just looked at my poor little toe’s and realized

that they are in desperate need of some tlc.

I know some of you go the whole winter without

shaving your legs….

and i for one..

will be shaving mine today.

I’m not quite sure if i will be putting on my little

string bikini…

nope…not quite sure that will happen..

but i will be putting my toe’s in the sand.

Florida…here we come!

I will be the one on the beach that looks

like she just moved from the north pole…

with skin so white that

i will suffer 3rd degree burns all over

my body ….

just so i can come home and

say that i have a tan.

See my poor white babies in the photo above…..


my little family likes to forgo the sunscreen

for a little

{ ahem }

vitamin D.

Now ….

let me clear something up real fast…

right now.

I will be traveling with the three children..

to florida..

to see my fabulously wonderful…



my in-laws….

that would be my husbands parents…

and i will be traveleing without….

my husband.


You just read that right.

No husband.

Which means…..

{and i totally o.k’d it first}

that i can look at all the beautiful

surfer boys that i want.


I realize that i will be the only


with no sunscreen on her body…..

staring at these boys…

with my camera…


i wouldn’t want you to feel left out now….

because when i get home..

i want to make sure you all have your fill


beautiful surfer boys.


{choking on my saliva}

I just had to show you this photo from

last year.

I am all for curlers in your hair…

and i love…

a little pink bathing suit coverlet..

but not necessarily together.

The best part was …

she was totally watching…

these boys.

I promise to be very good and only

snap photos of

beautiful surfer boys

but i realize…

for those of you older girls…

that like to read here…

you might not want some pics

of the surfer boys..

so you can just drool all over the boys above.

I promise not to tell anyone.

pinky promise.

p.s. feel free to follow me on twitter {here} if you
need a play by play of the surfer boys.

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