Weekend love…

I am late.


not that type of late you silly girls….

I waited till the last minute to order my cards….

so i will be spending all weekend addressing them.

I don’t know about you…but i don’t have all my address’

saved on my computer.


I will be hand addressing them….

but you know what…

i am ok with that.

I might not be able to hold a pen come monday morning..

but my cards will be addressed…

stamped…and out the door.

I am also heading to a cookie exchange at my friends home this sunday night.

I have a love-hate relationship with these.

I love getting together with a bunch of friends….



over the cleverness of who baked what…

all the while drinking wine…

with the best part of dividing up the ooodles of


that come home and

evil eye me from the kitchen.

Gingerbread cookies calling my name…

lemon drops yelling profanities at my thighs…

cranberry bars pushing me off the scale.

I was at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and came across a new line of their flour and sugar.

The sugar came in a pale pink bag…and i almost bought it…but i just couldn’t…

but this blue bag of flour…

was toooo cute to pass up….

i might even break out the ole

french cookbook for fun.

Maybe even stuff a duck…

possibly oie braisee aux marrons…

that means braised goose…..

i don’t think so.

or make some choux de bruxelles.

uh huh…

that’s just a fancy name for brussel sprouts.

speaking of love hate relationships….

i found this galvanized tray on wheels at Ikea.

It is a plant pot holder….

but i had a different idea for her…

i have been looking for a lazy susan type

of tray for my kitchen table.

I’ve looked high and low…and came across this

a few weeks ago.

It’s on wheels so the kids can slide it back and forth

as needed to grab sugar…some pepper…or what not.

I swear i always find the things i need at Ikea but

in a section not pertaining at all to the product in need.

I am off to measure some flour….



the three winners of the lola b package are:

*Piece of cake

*Shop with lulu
*Family matters

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