Where do i even start.

This evening would not have been what it was …if it was not for

the amazing women who i am so extremely lucky to call

my friends.

Friends come and go…i realize that..but i’ve come to realize that

the friends i do have…

my friends right now…

are amazing.

And the sponsors for the evening were so utterly gracious…

donating so much from their shops in order for all the guests

to go home with a fabulous gift package.

For that….i will be forever grateful.

When i first thought of having an Inspired Evening…i really only wanted to open it up to just a small group

of women. I wanted the night to be an intimate setting with women connecting over the course of the night.

I only had 15 tickets available…and they all sold.

I asked my friend Beth who has the etsy shop eliwill if she would want to come and offer her

creativity of making wonderful vintage inspired jewelry….but instead of making them herself..

would she want to help all my guests make their own vintage key necklace.

And she did…she even brought her adorable twin sister Brooke to help.

I loved listening in on the conversations going on while these girls worked on

thier piece…not many girls have the opportunity to sit among other like minded women

creating a necklace with their own two hands.

Women who probably have never even created….

but now they can say they have.

The evening started promptly at five….everyone grabbed a glass of wine….

and then the girls started in on the necklaces….

Even though there was no dress code for the evening….all the girls were dressed to kill…

and by that i mean…



and i know any man walking in the door would have

pee’d his pants. man did come up to the front door…

and said he lost his dog…..


i’m sure he saw all these gorgeous girls walking in the house..

and he thought he would take a quick peek.


no invite…

no entry…

and i even made sure my secret service crew knew the rules.

We all made sure to look at every one’s shoes….

and i even tried to act nonchalant around the wine bar as i

continued to top off my glass.

Most of the food was catered by a local company here in town…

it was amazing.

all of the pictures for the evening were took by my dear friend Kim.

Kim gave a talk to all the girls about photography…and ended it

with a question & answer session which not one of the guests

feeling like they couldn’t ask even the most basic of question.

Kim’s discussion made me want to go out and buy a new camera..

and really learn some photoshop.

The only downfall with this part of the night…was that kim had the

camera…so there are no photographs of this part…or of Kim.

After the group talk with kim…we all grabbed some more wine…

and headed upstairs to my bedroom.

I know what you are thinking here…

but no…

we did not have a huge ole pillow fight…

even though we talked about how funny that would be..

but we all gathered around to hear my friend

Christina talk about style and trends.

Christina showed everyone multiple ways that one can tie a scarf…

or layer an outfit.

she spoke about the evolution of trends from Paris…

and how important it is to always look your best…

even when traveling…

and by that i mean the no sweats rule while flying.

I’m not going to mention any names…but that rule was broken

quite quickly the following day.

Lots of questions were asked…

and lots of answers were answered.

Then at the end of the evening….all the guests were given a package to take home with them along with gifts that were raffled off.

All of these gifts were donated by my sponsors for the evening.

It is so hard to tell you how amazing this night was….and how grateful i feel to have such blessed

girls in my life…

and to have met a bunch of new friends….

it really was an Inspired Evening.
Plans are already in the works for another one in the spring.

I’m going to list all of my sponsors because they all have such wonderful shops that need to be showcased.

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