In the moment….

I made a promise this week to my kids.

I will live the moment all week with them….

in the moment….

and focus all of my energy into them.


I didn’t say i would do everything that their little hearts demand..

but i would sure try….

that…i could do.

I am very good at trying. good friend sharon organized a train trip …

we decided to take a train ride to a restaurant….

a kids restaurant.

It was really a lot of fun….

We found a darling independent book store across the street

from the restaurant…..

i was able to stealthily buy my kids some books and puzzles that

they had so quietly begged for…

we have a tradition of giving the kids books to open on

christmas eve….

The restaurant is called Toot Toots….

i know….

i was hoping that there would at least be some decent food..

but i had to remember that i was there with friends…

and we were there for our kids..

not us.

But…it was darling…there is a mini railroad track that runs

around the restaurant and on the trains…

the food is delivered.

Fin was in love….

he now no longer wants to be a garbage truck man…

he wants to be a restaurant worker…

I normally don’t dress for the weather…

it’s silly i know…

my friends had on their thick winter jackets…

something i still do not have….

hey…it gets me out of sledding…


i guess i said that i was going to live

in the moment this week…

so i might have to take the kids sledding..

which means..i might need to go out and

grab a new jacket….

it might do me good when we

head into Chicago *tomorrow*

to go skating.

You heard me right….

we are heading ice skating.

Another train ride…lunch with bryan…

and a bit of skating…

I am going to savor each moment this week….

giving my focus on my babies….

and saying to myself…

it’s ok that the laundry is piling up…

or the house is a disaster..


i won’t get this time back…

I want to be and live….

in the moment.


* I am totally adding this * extra here. If it shall snow..then i totally have the right to refuse to do anything other than sit my butt in front of the tele and watch movies all day in my jammies.

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