Au revoir…

I sit here at this moment at a crossroads.
I used to have this shop called Lola B’s….it was an actual shop…..a brick and mortar….
and i loved her….
i loved being in the shop….
the smell…..
the people….
the craziness that happens when you own an actual shop.
Then fourteen months ago i closed the shop when i lost my lease…..
but it turned out to be a godsend because the economy had already started
to turn…..
and so i focused on my online shop…..
and started doing sales out of my carriage house in
the back.
I am feeling the tug still……the need to cut back….
because i have so many things going on in my life..
and want to focus my energy on some projects that
have presented themselves to me.

I still plan on having my occasional sales…..
starting back up in the spring…
but i feel the need to shut down my online shop…
most of you probably didn’t even know i had
an online shop…..
because i rarely talk about it…

I don’t know if it’ll be temporarily…
i mean seriously…..
its been shut down for a few weeks here and there…
and i know you email me and want to know
what is going on…
so here it is….
the can of worms is being opened for you.
The shop might be closed for a few months…
or maybe a year…
i just don’t know.

It’s really hard being competitive in a market where shop owner wants to have their own look..
and i feel like i spend so much time trying…
only to find out that someone is carrying the same thing..
or found the same jewelry…
and even though my shop is all me..
and this is by no means an excuse..
but i just need to step back…
and focus my energy on some
exciting things that are knocking on my door.

I just want to say thank you to all who have made purchases over the last few years…

you will be missed.
Alright….so this is where a few of you will benefit from this little departure.
A giveaway!
I have so many items that i only have one or two of….
and since i won’t be having a carriage house sale till the spring
then i am going to put together 3 boxes of goodies..
it’ll be like an early christmas gift to you…
from me.
I can’t tell you what will be in the boxes…or what it’ll be
but it’ll be fabulous..
full of Lola b goodness.
good luck girls….
there will be 3 winners.
*blogging and/or tweeting about it doubles your chances! ends 12/17 at midnight.

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