Admit one…

Would you believe me if i told you that a man took me away for the night at a swanky little b&b on the river….

a married man mind you….

oh…he’s married alright….

i saw the ring on his finger to prove it.


and i left my babies with this man’s mother..

who happened to be in town for the weekend.


I know…hard to believe that i’m that type of women..

to actually steal away with a married man…

but i am….

and i actually felt really good about it.

Did i just say the word steal?

because i don’t really do that..



not me….

errrr…i mean…not really…


what’s an extra shower cap and some mini lotion

from the cart that was in the hall…..


so i’m a thief

a thief that just had a night away with a married man.

Oh..i can see the headlines now…

car crashes into tree outside of home.


oops…i think that happened to tiger woods didn’t it…not me.

i just stole some lotion and a shower cap….while staying

overnight with a married man.

and it was a great night in case any of you were wondering.

I’m sure you want details….

but you’ll have to just play it out in your head. here i am…

back to normalicy…..


{oh…and before you tell me that normalicy is not a word…don’t worry..i make up my own words}

I’ve been knee keep in gift boxes….

wrapping them…

and just wanted to share with you some pretty darn cute tags i

found on etsy the other day…

i’ll be using them to wrap the gifts for the inspired evening this saturday.

double gulp.

i can’t believe it’s already happening.

deep breath.

um….yes….that is an empty wine glass.

totally empty.

I’m not having one single glass of wine this week…

because i bought a new dress…

and it’s a size to small….

and i thought ..

maybe…just maybe…

if i didn’t have my nightly glass {or two…} of wine

that i might be able to fit in my new dress.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

Let me just finish my current glass of wine before i get started on my goal.



oh…and if you feel like it…i’m a guest over { here…on tuesday} if you care to grab your glass of wine and meander over.

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