Notes from a wife…

Marriage is all about trials and tribulations.
This is what i’ve learned.
1. When the hubby asked me to tivo the world series he didn’t mean the poker world series.

2. When travelling by air…always pack your bag to bring on the plane…because hubby will never pay to have it checked through.

3.If in fact he has to pay to have your bag checked because the size is to big for carry-on, then know that shopping while on vacation is out.

4. If you indeed cooked a lovely meal and dessert, which the hubby just loved…then know…that in fact he does know that you can cook…and will want you to do this on a regular basis.

5.If you carry your camera around everywhere with you…then beware that hubby will think that you are taking photo’s of the kids just for blogging purposes and not for the family photo album.

6. If this happens….then by all means …go and buy a photo album and spend your time filling it up.

7. When hubby asks you what you did today…don’t say “nothing”.

8. Don’t have your Anthro shopping bags laying around if you told your hubby that you weren’t feeling well and needed a day to relax.

9. never tell your hubby that your period is really late even though he’s had the clippity clip.

10. It is okay to end an argument by saying….Well…i guess i’ll just go to Paris with my friends instead…
and you stay home with the kids.

11. When the hubby says ” the gym called today and they are wondering why you haven’t been in”…….
he didn’t mean literally….so don’t really call them back……take it as a note…that it really is time to
head back to the gym.


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