The small things…

I sat back for a minute yesterday just thinking for a bit…..about the small things. I met a friend for coffee in the morning….then rushed home to catch Oprah so that i could watch Nie Nie who was on her show for the day.

I didn’t read Nie Nie’s blog till i heard about her accident….and have been hooked ever since.

I read almost all of her back posts and still think of the awe i had of her and her gorgeous family.


She has a passion for her family and her kids….her husband…her life. She is refreshing.
She is amazing.

And then while Nie Nie was on Oprah….there was another mom who was being interviewed…

and i thought…

that is so me.

I am the mom who doesn’t like to play games…

do play dough…..

sing cumbaya……


I don’t want to be that mom…..

but i am.

So when i sat down to think…..{after walking around Anthro for a bit…}

i decided..i want to enjoy the little things…..

but i also want to stand up and say….


it’s o.k. that i’m not the homeroom mom…

and i might not be my daughters brownie leader….

or the team mom on my son’s football league…

and it’s


it really is…

because i don’t want to….

and it won’t make me a better person or

a better mother.

I do want to be better though…..

at some things….like a better listener when it comes

to the kids talking….

sitting with them when they eat….

snuggling a bit more.

Those are the little things that i came to realize

are important.

The small things.

When you come here to read about my life and my thoughts….what you see is what you get. I will never pretend to be supermom….

because i am not.

I am not perfect….

nor do i strive to be…..

my children are happy……they love to laugh… do i.

The small things.

It’s what brings out the best and the worst in all of us.

The small things.

I dream of going to France…..

and i can’t afford it….

but i will make it happen….

I am a dreamer….

and so are my children.

{hubby is working on being a dreamer…but it’s hard to be a dreamer when you are a realist}

and sometimes i need a swift kick in the behind…because i dream to much and need to be ..

a little more realistic.


oh…the super small thing was the ONLY think i purchased at good ole Anthro…i’m lovin the itty

bitty sugar spoon.

and….the match is there ONLY to symbolize how SMALL the small things are.

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