behind the scenes….

I decided to ask…

the man who only had one task” {tmwohot}…….

to pop in and give us a behind the scenes….or in other words a ‘tour de france’.

obviously i don’t life in France….but we can pretend right?!

never mind…..we don’t have to pretend……

sounded so romantic for a minute……and it sounded so much better than saying a tour of le life….

here in the Midwest….

so….meet mr. buick who from here forth……. we shall call ….{tmwohot}

First thing first. I just want to clarify why I was late to pick Fin up from school and what my {wonderful} wife so fully forgot to mention: We had lunch before she caught her flight out on Friday.

Actually she demanded we have lunch, so therefore I was late.

and as for the laundry and dishes….she loves housework…don’t let her fool you…she pretty much begged me to leave it for her…..

begged I tell you.


I will let you know right now…I don’t really love her photographing me.{even though she is wonderful at capturing images} you can see from above….I just wanted to hang with a friend wrapped up on my own version of the snuggli.

Please don’t let Kasey fool you. She might come across as an expert on wine tasting…..really…we did plenty of it while in California….but she drinks the cheap stuff at home.

I think she even paid the wine guy extra to let us into the private vault just so she could get some pictures and say she was “invited” into taste the “exclusive french” stuff.

Has she ever mentioned that she does not cook? Probably not.

Did you know her real name is Kassandra? I didn’t think so

Do you know that ….never mind… she’s standing right behind me.

Kasey can make a “mean” box of macaroni and cheese! That is the truth.

Kasey complains about moving but the funny thing is…..anytime we go on vacation….she always says “I want to live here”.

Well….we came here to Chicago for a visit a long time ago…..and she said “i could SO live here”……so we move here and she complains.

what’s a little humidity?

That house above……she would “drop everything” she said and move to the wine country….to live in that house.

She even said she would wash her own clothes and possibly home school.

Maybe even fold the laundry every now and then.
{and I’m admitting it right now…it was me that accidentally washer her “dry clean only” skirt ..that now fits Lola perfectly}
I should get a husband of the year award.

I asked her if she would give up Starbucks…..and she didn’t answer.

I don’t know.

What do you think?

And even though I love my wife…..I will not be camping in an “Airstream”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am just not into the whole vintage thing. sorry.

And don’t get me started on the whole “everything has to be white” deal going on in our house….

Plasma t.v. or not.
And she can just camp with Matthew.
Let me see how that all works out.

***And I told her she could go to France in the Spring.

1. {alright…i added that last part………maybe if he thinks he said it…..then he will have to say…..go ahead kasey…..go have yourself a good time.}

2. yes…my real name is Kassandra

3. WHATEVER….i never said i WANTED to move to Chicago

4. I also NEVER said i would fold my own clothes

5. He is SO getting his own snuggli for Christmas.

{oh….one teeny tiny favor dear girls….after you so kindly comment…could you please go HERE and vote for my dear friends Tara {blondiensc} and/or Sara {sadieolive} so that their blogs get an award…..
somehow my blog didn’t make the list……but then i realized….i don’t live in california anymore…….
so….should i tell my hubby that we should indeed move there???? }

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