who needs boys anyways..

Did i lose you with the title? I hope not.

I came upon a meeting yesterday……and i guess i didn’t get the invite….

I am pretty sure they were discussing world peace or the economy…..but maybe they were discussing something else…like who’s going to take care of the baby? Well…..we know who the baby’s daddy is….

apparently the daddy got upset and is storming off……….{typical boy like behavior}…..

these girls don’t care……they want to figure it out on their own……. {typical girl like behavior}

the decision didn’t take very long….and they didn’t need the boy after all….

looks like everything turned out o.k.
Did you have a great long weekend, or was it to long? lol
I’m lucky, my kids still have 2 weeks of school left….
What did i do this weekend? I read. I read Twilight, all in one day because i couldn’t put it down…..and yes i realize i’m a little behind on the bandwagon with this book. I read it on Saturday then borrowed the second book New Moon yesterday and got half way thru.
I’m hooked.

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