the release….

I am “one” of those moms that is not very involved in “school” activities.
Don’t judge me……{i can see you rolling your eye’s…}
You should be glad that i don’t home school.
I don’t volunteer for field trips……{but somehow i am going on one next week},
I rarely help out in class…{but somehow i’m there every Friday morning},
I am not part of the PTA.
am not.
But I do hang with the PTA moms at boot camp, so at least I feel like i can catch up on what is going on
between the moms while sweating my arse off…..

so i felt really good about showing up at school last week for the butterfly release. I even dragged the sick 4 year old.
Did i mention at all about my kids having a 12 hour stomach bug last week?
probably not.
because i was too upset with my husband
for sleeping thru the night
while they all vomited.
all night.
all over me.
I just started talking to him today….

these are the images i took……

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