i want to crawl under a rock….

If you read my blog, then you know my sense of humor. I’m sure i have lost a few readers when I gave you a day of no sugar, or when i let the reality set in. Life is life, and really…..what’s the point of making one’s life look so sweet when there are some days you just want to rag on someone?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my pretty house, my cute kids, my darling hubby, but break the shell down and you get me.

just me.

Which brings me to what happened yesterday morning…..

the little boy in the pic above. I had to take him with me to the lab because i had to have some blood work done. We were patiently waiting in the nice waiting room when a girl, probably not much older than myself walks in and has a seat. She looked completely normal, except for the fact that she had grey hair.

We all know how much I like grey at the moment, but unfortunately for this nice girl, Fin has only seen Grey on my walls and on furniture. Not in hair…..apparently.

So, he walks right up to her and says…….”…are you the grandma???????”

Shoot me now.

kill me.

where is the closest rock i can hide under?

Then she looks at me………..

i want to DIE again….

and say’s to little Fin…”oh, i’m not a grandma……i’m going to be a mommy…….my baby is in my belly”.

i then take a small breath……because Fin is opening his mouth to say something else…….

and all i want to yell is STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.

..and do you want to know what Fin says back? Do you really want to know????

he says…while looking at me…..

“hey mom, i didn’t know grandma’s had babies”.




…then i look at her and say……..” he’s not mine……..i’m just the nanny”….

why is it that they look so sweet on the outside? look at that toothless grin. all i want is to smother these pictures with kisses.

but underneath it all…..

you really don’t know what these sweet children are capable of .

At the pool last summer, all my kidlets were in the pool swimming away, and then Lola gets out and comes over to sit with me. {yes, i don’t get in the water…i sit and watch them while sunning myself}

she’s chewing gum.

she didn’t have gum when she went into the pool.

she’s smacking away.

so i say to her….”do you have gum in your mouth”???

…..she say’s “yup”.

I say “Lola, who gave you gum”??????
she says…..”oh, ….well…….i found it at the bottom of the pool”.


  1. Oh my, I laughed out loud on this one!! Kids are too funny sometimes!!

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