tuesday photo challenge…

If you love photography like i do, and peruse Flickr on a daily basis, then you probably know about this girl called Olivia Bee. She’s a 15 year old girl who has an amazing talent and the way she showcases her images…mostly of herself….is amazing.

I wanted to challenge myself. I want to challenge myself.
What I really wanted was to take Susannah’s class that starts May 4th, called “Unravelling…..ways of seeing myself”. Susannah Conway is the author of one of my fav blogs called Ink on my fingers, she also is a photographer and was offering this E-class online. Well….needless to say…I had it on my calender to sign up and when my friend Vana emailed me over the weekend to see if I had signed up yet, I immediately hopped over to get signed up only to find out that the class had filled up.
Why oh why do I wait till the last minute for these things!!!!

{click on the picture above to see the info for the class}

So I ask myself, while i wait for the July classes to start, why not challenge myself to my own ways of seeing my self? Except….I’m not going to photograph myself like my favorite little lady Olivia Bee………

I’m going to photograph little Lola. She is my inspiration after all. So I start today.

I went back and grabbed just a few photo’s i had and posted them. I’ll do some more for next Tuesday as well.

Would you like to join me? I’d love to link you! It’s not about editing the photo’s, but capturing and image.


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