there is no sugar here today….

Today, for just today, I thought we could put away the tea set, the sugar and have ourselves a “no rules” day. While I was at the gym, I was watchin Oprah……she had a bunch of moms on her show, and also had one of my favorite mom bloggers…Heather Armstrong from Dooce. What I love about Heather’s blog, is she is a no holds bar with blogging. Yes, she does have the occasional foul mouth, but she talks about parenting with out sugar coating things like so many other mother bloggers do.

So I thought for today, we could just have some fun……er.. more like vent and i promise not to tell anyone, and you do the same.

*My children only get bathed occasionally, and most of the time they are the ones reminding me.
*I love all three of my children equally, but I do secretly have a favorite.
*I did not breastfeed my babies. Nope. did not.
*the little guy has had 2 cavities. yup. because we forget to brush his teeth.

{i like the look of a bunch of silver capped teeth…don’t you?}
*Lola is always telling me my breath stinks.

*I am trying to lose 8 lbs in 8 weeks. I’ve even given up my nightly glass of wine. I am a much better parent after my glass of wine.

*I make mac n cheese 6 out of the 7 nights a week for the kids.

*I don’t believe in sick days at school. you better have a 104 degree fever if you are going to go to the nurse’s office and beg to come home.

*yes, i’m the parent that doses up my kids with motrin if they don’t feel good and waits for the nurse to call.

*i volunteer in lola’s class only cuz her teacher is a friend.
Alright, i feel so much better now that you know my secrets. whew.
I also wanted to get a step closer to the garden party.
has anyone ever had a garden party in the snow? It might be a first.
Have a great day my friends….

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