This would be me if i were indeed prego with three wee ones.

April 1st, is by far my favorite day of the year, only because it’s the only day I can have a little fun…..well…alot of fun.

Yes, my hubby had the clippity clip, and we are SO done having little babes..{even though the mail man is HOT}.

My feet would definitely swell, and therefore…..no more cute shoes.

The girls at Anthro would start calling again wondering where i was.

And my children would have to start fending for themselves, and that could be a problem. {think how the lemonade would turn out}

Marci would probably refuse to put a “double” shot in my latte.

I definitely would have to put my “Swedish white” sofa’s on the back burner and stick with khaki,

and me n khaki just don’t mesh well.

I would not be able to ride the “metro” anymore.


I’m sorry to disappoint , but I am not pregnant with triplets.

Go ahead and yell at me….but that won’t get you an invite for the party.


{oh, and less than 7 posts to go……}

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