a name is a name is a name

I get asked all the time how i { or “we” if you think my hubs had anything to do with the process} came up with the names of our children.
When we found out we were having our first, a boy……I immediately fell in love with the name Levi. I don’t know why or how, but it was what it was and I begged the hubs to consider it.
And then one day we were watching a show on TLC called “Baby Story”. Do you remember that show? I think every pregnant woman watches it without admitting it. It’s our best way of really seeing what the heck is going to happen when we go into labor.
Anyways……one of the women they were featuring had a little boy and named him Mason.
*oh boy*
Yup, we got our first kids name from a t.v show. I’d like to say we got if from some long lost relative that had died some heroic death, but alas….. Mason Levi was born and that was 8 years ago.
So, then we got preggo 6 mo later.
yup, you heard that right.
6 mo.
We were surprised this time around, and only because this little girl had to have her legs crossed during the ultrasound. I knew right then she was a she, otherwise my boy was going to be a leg crosser.
I knew I wanted a Lola. I like names that are unique but not crazy. Bryan liked the name Piper. So, when little baby girl made her appearance, she came out screaming with a pout on her face.
Lola Grace.
I bet you didn’t know that my parents and Bryan’s parents had a “meeting”, and at this “meeting”, they veto’d the name Lola.
Who has a “meeting” and decides that?
No one had a Lola 6 years ago.
And yes, I love how you girls email me and let me know about your little doggies named “Lola”, that’s a real treat….thank you:-)
Now I hear the name on the celebrity circuit, but I had it first. Lola is almost 7.
Then another 6 mo. later…..
Ha. Had you there for a minute huh?!
This time we waited…..
The day Lola turned 2, we found out another bun was in the oven.
How the heck did that happen i ask you?
I plead the fifth.
So this time around I was set on the name Atticus. I loved..love the book “to kill a mockingbird” and have always loved that name, but once again the hubs was so dang stubborn. No. No he said. Who names their kid “Atticus“!?
Well, we would i begged him.
The hubs grew up in South Florida and really wanted a beachy, fish, shark,whale of a name.
Little Fin was born.
and since i lost my battle with the first name, i got to choose the middle name.
Fin Hudson.
He’s going to be a rockstar one day.
Have you read the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”??? Do you remember Atticus‘ last name?
It was Finch. Atticus Finch.
Take the “ch” off of Finch.
I got my way in the end.

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