it’s not about me today….

In honor of Earth day, i promise to….

*unplug my tanning bed for the day

*not waste energy by not cooking dinner….again

*i’m going to take my family of five from my little home and move in with Jen’s family of 11, just to be a little “green” for the day…

* i will cancel the cleaning ladies for today, i can probably clean the toilets myself….

*i will not run the bubbles when i take a jacuzzi tub tonight…..

*i will have my children wear the same clothes that they did yesterday…..{saving some more water}

*i will wear the same clothes as well…..

*my hubby just said he won’t come home tonight…..{that should save something????}

*i won’t go thru the drive-thru starbucks today, i will get my arse out of the car and walk myself in….

*instead of buying flowers, i will pick them out of my neighbors yard…..

*i won’t waste more water by running my dishwasher again….i will just wash the dishes by hand…
what will you do today???

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