I love my little “hardware” sign i found at the flea, and now it sits in my backyard, but it also reminds me about my “hardware”.

I wear many shoes in my home. These are the shoes that i wear when I feel like I need to be a bit rounded and grounded. I would probably wear these when I head to my children’s school to help in class, or running errands around town.

These peeps make me feel a little more flirty and fun. These are the shoes i would wear with my hubby. I think as moms we sometimes tend to turn ourselves down and not feel like we “need” to dress the way we used to “before children”. How many of you that work “in the home” don’t even think about what you are going to wear for the day? I know a lot of the times I don’t…especially on the weekends. But I am changing that. I want to feel good about myself, I want to look good all the time. I will save my cozy comfy clothes for rainy days.

These are my fun peeps that yell “fun”. I wear these when I’m taking the children to the park or for the family bike ride. I have a little more bounce in my step. Life is fun, let’s live it.

These are my work shoes. I wear these when I’m working my shop, meeting clients, even blogging with you. When i comment and chit chat with you, i’m wearing my “work” shoes. Pretty yet practical, darling yet comfortable.

….and these are my most important shoes i wear…..
my mommy shoes.
bare feet.
I can feel the most with these….the hardships, the pain, the sensitivity, and most important….
I can feel the love.
my most important hardware…………………my feet.

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