backyard bliss…

Ever since I saw this little backyard retreat in a neighbors yard last year, I have secretly coveted it. I really could have used something like this for the “garden party”, because 90 of you rsvp’d that you were coming to the party, and over 500 of you showed up. I was lucky to have enough cupcakes, and french pastries, plenty of fresh chilled strawberry water, and plenty of wine…….but I’m not going to lie and say the toilets didn’t get backed up, but it is a good thing that my neighbor is a plumber, and had them working in 2 seconds flat!

Anyways, back to the garden retreat…….In my new issue of Country living Magazine, on page 133, they have an “outdoor retreat” that you can easily do for around $1000. Take a peek below….

This garden shed is from Lowe’s {in the mag it’s listed for $998, but when i looked online it was $1200}, it comes with a floor and if you have a handy husband, then it should be easy to put together. I would like to point out that even though my husband is VERY handy…{he can change a few light bulbs, and he has been known to even fix the washer when it broke}, but i don’t know if i trust him building my “dream retreat”
without me standing next to him “assisting” with the project.
He just informed me that he could in fact put this project together….

The pic above is the 12×8 Heartland Stratford model from Lowe’s. It has so much potential…..right?!?!
I even drove by Lowe’s today, and saw some smaller ones for half the price of this one above…

I would hang one of my birdie chandie’s from the inside, put a table for 6, and dine alfresco in the spring.
Do you want to come?
I would also add a few finials to the top like this pic above, and even the custom french doors scream out to me, but those might have to wait till I have another grand to spend on the “retreat”.
ooooh, the possibilities…….
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and a lovely Easter.

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