the art of restyling…

Remember this pic above from my living room last month, where i asked you all to help me define my style?

Well….I’ve been a busy bee………….

come take a peek…..

the art of re-styling…..

Remember the bench that i picked up at the Flea? Well, I moved the little white dresser that was in front of the window, and placed the bench there, I also got rid of the rug , and by doing opened up the whole room.
2 new armchairs and a new sofa, both slip covered from the lovely Ikea.


And before any of you say “I can’t do white with children………………..”

my home is full of white, yes it is, and you know what??? It’s lived in and loved, so when you walk in the doors, feel free to make yourselves at home.
Sometimes i even let the children play with their toys……that is….sometimes.

*winnder of Anthro gift card: Katie Snead

*winner of Lola B’s spree: Allegra

*runner up: Jeanne autographed c.d 😉

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