I was going to wait till fashion friday to show a few of these things, but as we girls know, somethings just cannot wait.
I am LOVING these shoes, and dang it if my new found shopping love, doesn’t have them in my size! Seriously! ….and ….don’t fall off your chair………..they are only $32.99!!!! GET OUT! So, Mai….{lovely owner of Ruche….please send me a pair of size 8.5 when they come back in stock}!!!

So, yes…..these shoes can be found at Ruche, my new fav online boutique. Check out this dress also….

What’s a girl to do?? I love the dress paired with those shoes.

….and I’m loving my new lamp shade! I had this lamp base with the most horrid shade ever, and guess where I found the shade? Target {thanks for the heads up Amy!}

I love the creams, grey’s and a hint of yellow with my new favorite….little butterfly’s. love. love. love.

…and how could i not post this pic {hope you don’t get upset Shannon}, but this lovely girl asked me to take some Prego pics of her and her darling family yesterday, and not only was the photo shoot a ton of fun, but my little guy Fin now has a new “bud”.

….and because Fin has a new bud, I can now receive my “mom of the year award”.

Here is my Wednesday roundup girls, the things I am completely Smitten with!

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