my other home…..

o.k., so i don’t really have another home, but if i did, this is what it would look like.

I have fallen deeply, for this palette. This is designer Shannon Bowers home in Dallas, Texas and is done in Swedish creams and greys, and you can see her feature in Veranda magazine.

This nursery actually got me thinking i need another baby. The taste is so simple, yet defined.

oh, alright, i only thought for a teeeeny tiiiiny second.. about another baby.

The sofa and armchair above is the look i am striving for. I even have my eye on something very similar…..just waiting for the tax man to arrive with my cold hard cashola. The best part is, that it’s slip covered. I think people cringe when they hear about going with a white or cream sofa and children. I have children. I have 3 children. The keyword is…. slip covered. It’s doable, i promise.

That is why i can do white painted furniture, because if one of the kids spills or draws on a table, it is so easily re-painted….{what am i talking about, they don’t even have crayons or markers….and now that i think about it……they don’t drink…so I guess i’m safe}.

I would love to have a clock like the one above. Actually…I would love to have the whole room. Do you think “rooms to go” has a set like this?

Thanks for listening to me swoon all over this post, so glad i have a place to vent!

OH!!! And…….I only have 10 more posts till the big 200th post party. This is going to be HUGE!


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