me described….

This is me, in a nutshell.

Lola b. my favorite name ever, and in which my little girl is named and aptly…my shop.

Would love to sail one day, er.. actually…my hubby sailing and moi sitting in a bikini drinking a cocktail.

…if the bootcamp classes ever pay off.

My love of clothes.

The Love of style.

Vintage feed sacks.



Photography. my way.

Vintage sheet music.

Music. Oh, how I love music.

are you listening to the 2 new songs?

{Do you really want me to put my playlist on a c.d. for you}?

Tickled that there are actually requests…

So, that is in a nutshell, me.

Feel free to do the same by doing your own post by doing a “me described” and just use Picnik and get a collage going.

I’d love to see it!


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