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I’m tickled so many of you love the “little things” that make a room a bedroom. I have 2 new clients because of yesterdays post, so thank you for giving me a shot. I was chatting with a friend this morning, and we both agreed, that there is so little for moms to choose from to decorate their little girls room. I know, I know….there is always Pottery Barn Kids …. girls gingham curtains, the bed that matches the desk that matches the dresser, and pink or celery green walls. But, unless you love this look {which is O.K.}, you do have other options, and they don’t have to be pricey either.

I found the vintage hat holder {above} while out at a yard sale with my mom before I even had Lola. I nabbed it for a mere $10, and on it sits her very first hat,and it sits on her desk.

These are my favorite panels of all time, I have them in my sun room also. I got them at Target, part of the Shabby Chic line. They came in white or pink, and I chose white {and we all know I love white…}. I believe they were around $29 for the pair.

I have a hook hanging outside her door and on the hook is her very first dress she wore, and on the dress is hanging one the pearl letters from my shop. Easy project and if you can find a pretty hook …and you know where to buy the pearl letter!

Everyone wanted to know “where oh where” can they get these adorable handmade paper dresses that are on wire dress form??

Right HERE my friends! Eunice has a darling Etsy shop and she will custom make you one in the colors you so desire. I have 3 of them for Lola’s room. 2 on the mirror and one hanging from her closet door.

I love incorporating old pieces with some new. I also minimize the fussiness to a room. Lola’s toys all sit in bins in her closet, and bins that are on rollers under her bed. Of course, her room is clean when I take my photo’s, because seriously……….would you want to really see it????

Free tip …{good deed for the day}: If you feel like your little girls walls are to pink in color, or the room is to bright because of a color, then think about downplaying the bedding. Try an all white or all cream look to it by purchasing a duvet and some oversized white or cream pillows. That way the focus is on the bed and not the wall color.

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