Inspire me monday…….

I’m in love with this camera. It’s actually from my favorite shop Anthro’s side kick……. Urban Outfitters.

It’s pretty inexpensive for a “throw it in your purse, but still have a little style” camera. I will let you know how the pic’s come out, as soon as I grab one.

I tend to carry my camera everywhere, because you just never know what you are going to find.

This casual “Inspire me Monday” has to do with my love for photography.I want to show you how I can capture a certain element, but also show you the way I can make it come across to you.


I love what I can do with some simple photo editing. Take this next series for example……the top photo is what I captured without any editing:

….and this bottom picture is the edited version.I made it a little more faded, aged, just making me feel like I want to be back here on the beach.

Then I have this series of some climbing flowers that I took while I was in Palm Springs a few weeks ago. The first one is the actual photo. The second one is aged, with some fading, and the third has a little “shot” of color to make it more vibrant.

Now for my favorite, with the series of Fashion Friday, all I wanted to incorporate was “vintage”. I love how these photo’s feel, almost like it’s a different time altogether. Vintage chic. Yes, vintage chic….

I love the added faded pink, edgy quality to these.


I also love that from starting Fashion Friday 6 weeks ago, that girls like yourselves, have taken the idea and ran with it, giving yourselves confidence to “know” that you can have fun in front of a camera. I am so giddy to know that I have inspired you to do it.
I’ve enjoyed receiving your emails and comments on “how do I get this look with my photo’s”?!?!

You have the ability, it’s just knowing where to look and to know that you can edit your own photo’s yourself. Here is a wonderful free program to try……called Picnik, you can even pay a little for use of the “extras”, which is similar to what I use. Actually, a lot of my favorite photographers use Picnik. Spend some time on it and see what you can do……

then let me know how it goes! I love to inspire you to try new things, and can’t wait to see what you come up with. I will be watching…..

Oh, and here is the winner of “The Nester loves Lola B’s” giveaway.

*and a small 2nd prize to Lissa from A dash of Humble Pie.

email me girls.


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