heart palpitations…..

This piece of furniture gives me heart palpitations.
From the minute I saw her curvy body, the fabulous mirror that sits on top, I knew what was to become of her. She belonged to a friend of mine who decided she didn’t want it {it was not painted and the two side doors were not in good condition}, and then she handed her over to me to do what i wanted with it.

Seriously, you gotta love friends like this!!

I painted it with my favorite Swedish Gray, added some white floral ceramic knobs from my shop, and headed over to my favorite shop…..Anthro, to pick up some of these kitchen towels that I covet.

I bought 2 small tension rods, then folded the top of the towels over and got out my lovely friend, the hot glue gun. I then applied the hot glue in a long line across and patted the towel down.

Anyone can do this easy project to any piece that needs some spicing up, I even love the idea of taking some old grain sacks and turning them into little curtains for a piece like this……

I always have such a hard time deciding whether to sell or keep a piece of furniture, so you might see her in shop soon, but until then, I will make good use of it.


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