a girls guide to love….

What you see above are love letters. I have them bound and wrapped, tied and kept in a little bundle, and my little Lola came across them the other day as we were going through boxes. They were all written by this boy…

I met this boy, when we were oh so young. I had just turned 20, he was 23 and fresh out of university and in the lovely little town of Vail, Colorado on his first night in town. He begs to differ. He claims it was not his first night, but what difference does it make…….I was the “fresh catch of the day” , and he was the “hook, line and sinker”.
He was in Vail for the “season” to ski, have some fun, and little did he know, to fall in love.
At the end of the ski season, just like he promised he would, he left. He did send me postcards over the summer, and then summer turned into Fall, and then Winter began all over.

The boy came back to Vail that winter.

We married young, me a mere 23, him a mere 26.
One of the hardest truths in marrying this young is we had to grow together, and not knowing what life is or would ever be like without each other.
I truly love this boy. I know he truly loves me.
We fight. Who doesn’t?
He grew up with a stay at home mom, I grew up with a career mom.
He wants me to be a stay at home mom, I struggle with being a stay at home mom.
I’m lucky. I get the best of both worlds, I get to “run my business at home, while still
balancing raising my kids”.
We fit.
We balance.

We Love.
I’m the dreamer, he’s the realist.
He lives for the future, I live in the moment.
This is the boy I married.

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