fashion friday…early edition

Hello. My name is Kasey and I love fashion. This is me. I’m standing in front of my garage, and as i stand here, i am realizing that the paint is peeling a bit. I guess i need to touch it up , and you probably wouldn’t have noticed if i didn’t say anything.

I decided I am going for a ride today………..last minute.

I’m going for a ride on our scooter, the metro. She’s an inexpensive version of the Vespa.

I love this thing. She can hit about 45, and normally the hubby rides her to the train station starting in the spring.

Not today…..I get her.

And don’t worry about the children, I tied them to a tree, so that I could get these pictures done.

The weather is just perfect. Do you see the green?

No snow in sight, and the grass is getting greener every day. Today is was 50 degrees, and I am excited. Something happened today {and nothing like this has ever happened}, and I can’t tell you what yet, but it’s going to be good.

Did you also realize that I’m almost at my 200th post? So, I see a party in the works, a big ole party.

Possibly a garden party?


I better go undo the children……….

*capri’s and jacket…anthro 09′
*shoes…….target {and only wearable if you are NOT walking in them}
*helmet……local bike shop
{and i do believe Tara is doing a fashion friday as well…..}

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